Every track we discover and create, every route we develop and every experience you'll have tell a very special story – a story of passion, love for active lifestyle and enjoying all the beautiful things Croatia can offer as a cycle-tourism destination.


We design cycling tracks tailored for all cycle-tourist types: road tracks, X-road or family tracks. For each track we create detailed .gpx files, we geolocate and map locations of particular beauty and interest and we’ve developed a carefully and beautifully designed system of marking these locations so you don't miss a single thing.



Every destination is unique with it's own specialities, identity and advantages. Trail recognizes them, connects them and turns them into experiences cyclists will enjoy, remember and return to. We use thematic routes to tell stories about the beauty of Croatia, its immense cultural wealth, the grandeur of Croatian gastronomy and the warmth and openness of the people you will meet.

Whether you take routes we designed to lead you to the hidden natural beauty, introduce you to the cultural and historical heritage or to the hedonism provided by the rich and authentic local gastronomy, you will keep each of them in your memory, and memories are the most valuable souvenirs and strongest motive to return and experience even more.