Moja prva stotka

Road cycling event

Moja prva stotka is an event aimed at popularizing cycling and motivating recreational cyclists to cross the psychological barrier of covering full 100 kilometers in a single, one day bike tour. It is slightly more serious than an average recreational ride but is still fun due to the very scenic route, relaxed atmosphere and well chosen start and rest stops that highlight natural and cultural sights of the area.

Moja prva stotka is not a race, there are no time expectations or limitations and you achieve the goal by checking in at one of three or more starting points and completing the circular tour by riding counter clockwise and collecting stamps at other check in points before returning back to your own starting point. No matter how long it takes.

A cyclist that accumulates all the necessary stamps can proudly bear the name of Centurion.

Route length

100 km

Route type



2 medium


454 m

Highest point

254 m


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