Modern tourism is experience based and what makes tourists come, and return, is the authenticity of the people they've met and things they saw, did, heard, tasted or felt.

We have a broad experience in designing and organising cycling and touristic events that are fun, fresh and that generate promotional content for destinations, new business opportunities and prove that cycling has an immense potential when it comes to developing a region.

The possibilities are limitless – the events can address children, families, recreational cyclists or athletes, depending on character of each destination.

Interesting, fun and well organized events are a surefire way to create memories and emotional bonds between tourists and the place where they spent a fun vacation, took part in a competition or had a nice and relaxing time with their families.

Moja prva stotka

(Road cycling event)

Moja prva stotka (Mu first 100 km) is an event aimed at popularizing cycling and motivating recreational cyclists to cross the psychological barrier of covering full 100 kilometers in a single, one day bike tour. It is slightly more serious than an average recreational ride but is still fun due to the very scenic route, relaxed atmosphere and well chosen start and rest stops that highlight natural and cultural sights of the area. 

Give me 5

(Kids & Parents)

An event designed for preschool or grade school aged children and their parents. It’s a very easy and interesting trail, between 3 and 5 kilometres in length with five points scattered along the route where participants take photos, explore natural and cultural sights, and solve location-related simple tasks. The event is promoting the values of active lifestyle from the earliest age and developing a love for cycling as an ideal mode of movement that combines fun, health, learning, playing and a feeling of accomplishment while learning about traffic safety.